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Titanium Rod Filter Element

Material: Industrial pure titanium powder
Feature: High filtration accuracy
Application: Solid-liquid and solid-gas separation


Titanium rod filter element

Titanium rod filter core is made of industrial pure titanium powder (purity (> 99.7%) as the main raw material and sintered at high temperature. It has the characteristics of uniform structure, high porosity, low filtration resistance, good permeability, high filtration accuracy, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance (300℃). It can be widely used for solid-liquid and solid-gas separation and purification. It has excellent performance, can be filtered and pressed, no secondary pollution, simple operation, on-line regeneration, easy cleaning and long service life. The filter precision is 0.22-100 micron; the interfaces are M20, M30, 222 (insertion type), 226 (insertion type), flat pressing port, 4-point, 6-point (thread) and so on. Special interfaces can be customized.

Stainless steel powder sintered filter element

Stainless steel powder sintered filter element is made of stainless steel powder by pressing and sintering at high temperature. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, uniform pore size distribution, good air permeability, cleaning and regeneration, welding and mechanical processing. Such products are widely used in gas-liquid filtration and separation in the fields of catalyst recovery, chemical industry, medicine, beverage, food, gold treatment, petroleum, environmental protection and fermentation, such as: crude and fine filtration of pharmaceutical liquid, oil, beverage, mineral water and other liquids: dedusting of various gases, vapors, degermicing and oil mist; silencing, flame retardant, gas. Buffer, etc.

Product characteristics:

1. The shape is stable, the impact resistance and alternating load capacity are better than other metal filter materials.
2. The permeability and separation effect are stable.
3. Excellent mechanical strength, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive environment.
4. Especially suitable for high temperature gas filtration (high temperature resistance 500℃).

External light filter element

The exterior light filter element is made of titanium filter element or stainless steel powder filter element by special process. The surface is smooth and the adhesion ability of impurities is poor. When the impurities attached to the surface of the filter element reach a certain weight, they will naturally fall off from the outer wall of the filter element and reduce the blockage of the filter element, thus greatly prolonging the cleaning cycle of the filter element. It is widely used in vacuum feeding, gas dedusting, flue gas, compressed air, steam, catalyst filtration and so on.

Diameter: 14mm, 20mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 050mm, 060mm, 070mm, 75mm, 80mm

Length: 10mm-1000mm

φ30 Series φ40 Series φ50 Series φ60 Series
φ30x30 φ40x50 φ50x100 φ60x125
φ30x50 φ40x100 φ50x200 φ60x254
φ30x100 φ40x200 φ50x250 φ60x300
φ30x150 φ40x300 φ50x300 φ60x500
φ30x200 φ40x400 φ50x500 φ60x750
φ30x300 φ40x500 φ50x700 φ60x1000