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Sintered Wire Mesh
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Five Layer Sintered Filter Mesh

Material: Stainless steel, Special alloy
Feature: High Strength, Good Rigidity
Application: Industrial filter


Standard combination of 5-layer sintered wire mesh which has the widest application. Five different layers of stainless steel wire mesh are combined as per corresponding structure, and then sintered together in the vacuum sintered equipment, compressed and calendered, forming a porous sintered material. 

Stainless steel sintered wire mesh is generally with a five-layers structure which is divided into the protective layer , the control layer, the dispersion layer and the reinforcing layer. This kinds of filter medium has both uniform and stable filtration precision and a relatively high strength and rigidity, which is an ideal filter material to those requirements of high compressive strength and uniform filter particles.

As filtration mechanism of Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh is surface filtration ,and also with smooth mesh, so it has excellent reverse-wash performance, and could be repeatedly used for long time, which is especially fit for the continuous and automated operation. It is kind of superior filter material that others cannot compared with.

Our sintered wire mesh is easily molding, machining and welding , by which it could be processed into round filter elements, cylindrical filter elements, conical filter elements, pleated filter elements, etc.

The Structural Drawing of Type 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh:

Type A Sintered Wire Mesh Cross Section Structure


1, High Strength and Good Rigidity: With high mechanical strength and compressive strength, it has good performance of machining, welding and assembly, easy to use.
2, Uniformity and Stability on filtration precision: All the filtration precision can achieve uniform filtration performance; Mesh opening will not be deformed in use.
3, Extensive use temperature: from -200 degrees to 600 degrees

Structure and characteristics:

1) Standard five-layers sintered wire mesh consists of protective layer, precision control layer, dispersion layer and two or more reinforcing layers;
2) High Strength: Five layers of different wire mesh are sintered in vacuum environment, It produces high mechanical strength and compressive strength;

High Precision: For filtration precision ranging from1 um to 100um, the sintered wire mesh keeps uniform surface filtration performance;

Heat resistance: Durable from -200 degrees to 650 degrees of continuous filtration;

Cleaning: Due to its surface filtration, reverse-wash shows pretty good effect, easy to clean.

To clean sintered wire mesh, ways of reverse wash, filtrate, ultrasonic, melting, fluxing, baking, etc. are available.

Main purpose:

1) Used as dispersion & cooling material in high-temperature environments;
2) Used as gas distribution, liquid fluidized bed plate material;
3) Used as high precision, high reliability and high temperature filter material;
4) Used as high-pressure backwash oil filter.


1) Precision filtration in a variety of hydraulic oil, lubricants in the machinery industry;
2) Filtration and Purification in a variety of polymer melts in the fiber film industry; various high temperature and corrosive liquid filtration in petrochemical and chemical industry; filtering, washing and drying of materials in the pharmaceutical industry;
3) Gas homogenization application in the powder industry ; Fluidized plate in the steel industry;
4) The explosion-proof electric apparatus and so on.

Type A Sintered Wire Mesh Technical Data

Model Nominal Filter Rating (u) Structure Air permeability (L/min/cm²) Bubble Pressure      (mmH2O)
A5-1 1 100+400X2800+100+12X64+64X12 1.81 360-600
A5-2 2 100+325X2300+100+12X64+64X12 2.35 300-590
A5-5 5 100+200X1400+100+12X64+64X12 2.42 260-550
A5-10 10 100+165X1400+100+12X64+64X12 3.00 220-500
A5-15 15 100+165X1200+100+12X64+64X12 3.41 200-480
A5-20 20 100+165X800+100+12X64+64X12 4.50 170-450
A5-25 25 100+165X600+100+12X64+64X12 6.12 150-410
A5-30 30 100+450+100+12X64+64X12 1.7 120-390
A5-40 40 100+325+100+12X64+64X12 6.86 100-350
A5-50 50 100+250+100+12X64+64X12 8.41 90-300
A5-75 75 100+200+100+12X64+64X12 8.7 80-250
A5-100 100 100+150+100+12X64+64X12 9.1 70-190
Thickness: 1.7(mm); Porosity : 37%;Weight kg/m²: 5-layer sintered wire mesh (8.4)  6-layer sintered wire mesh (14.4)