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Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element

Material: Stainless steel wire
Feature: High porosity, strong air permeability
Application: Industrial filter


Stainless steel pleated filter elements mainly use stainless steel sintered fiber felt and stainless steel wire mesh.

Stainless steel sintered fiber felt pleated filter can be made into a multi-layer structure with the pore diameter from coarse to fine, which has the characteristics of high porosity, high contaminant holding capacity, etc. 

Stainless steel wire mesh pleated filter is woven from stainless steel wires of different diameters, which has the characteristics of good strength, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, high temperature resistance and economic use.

Stainless steel pleated filter elements characteristics:

Pleated Depth Filtration, times of filtering area increased, stronger ability of holding pollution, longer replacement cycle.

High porosity, strong air permeability, low pressure difference, suitable for high viscosity media filtration.

Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acid, alkali and organic solvent

Excellent strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and can withstand the pressure of 30MPa to 90Mpa.

Wide range of filtering accuracy can be selected to meet various application requirements

Welded by hot-melt process, which is firm and free of pollutants.

No medium falling off, can meet pharmaceutical industry standards

Chemical method and online steam sterilization can be used.

Good regeneration, repeatedly used after chemical cleaning and high temperature calcinations and ultrasonic cleaning.

Technical characteristics:
1. Filtering area after pleated is 3-5 times of the normal cylindrical area.
2. Can bear pressure of 30mpa-90mpa.
3. Working temperature: - 60-500 ℃
4. Maximum pressure difference of filter element: 2MPa
5. Relative filtering accuracy, with a rejection rate of more than 90%

Main application:
Filtration of polymer melts in the production of polyester, filament and film;
Filtration of high temperature gas and steam;
Filtration of high temperature liquid and viscous liquid;

Application parameters:
Working pressure: 30MPa
Working temperature: 600 ℃
Fluid viscosity: 260pa. S
Receiving capacity: 16.9-41mg / C ㎡
Filtering accuracy: 3-300 μ M

1. Petrochemical: refining, chemical production and separation and recovery of intermediate products
2. Metallurgy: used for filtering the hydraulic system of rolling mill and continuous caster
3. Textile: purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in drawing process
4. Electronic and pharmaceutical: pretreatment and filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pretreatment and filtration of cleaning solution and glucose
5. Thermal power and nuclear power: purification of oil in lubrication system, speed control system and bypass control system of gas turbine and boiler, purification of feed pump, fan and dust removal system