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Smoking Mesh Tube

Material:stainless steel 304
Features:Largest air permeability 
Application:Smoking, barbecue scenarios


The stainless steel smoking mesh tube can be widely used in all kinds of smoking, barbecue and other scenarios. It is an ideal choice for family, outdoor dining, and hotel smoked food.

The stainless steel smoking pipe is made of food-grade high-quality stainless steel. The charcoal particles or wood chips are put into the smoking pipe, and it can be used after lighting. The uniform mesh on the surface can emit more uniform barbecue smoke, keeping you away from the traditional charcoal, It is more clean and hygienic, making the food more evenly tasty.

Stainless steel smoked mesh tube are more portable and beautiful.

The high-quality grilled particle smoking tube enables you to turn any ordinary grill into a smoker, smoke the current food, and provide sufficient smokey flavor for cheese, meat and vegetables.

When your friends come to your house, if you are treating them because you do not have good food, if you are tired of ordinary barbecued food and want to try the taste of smoke; if you are unwilling to buy expensive smoking machines. 

Welcome to choose barbecue and smoke mesh tube management.

Stainless steel smoking tube is also called metal filter tube, which is welded by stainless steel perforated mesh.

The smoking tube is made of food grade stainless steel 304.

The specifications of the smoking tube are: 6 inches, 12 inches, and 18 inches, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

The shapes of the smoking pipes are: round, square, triangle, and hexagon. The hole type of the smoking pipe is generally a round hole, which is the most common hole type and the most popular one.

The 6-inch smoke tube can produce smoke for 2 hours at a time.

The 12-inch smoke tube can produce smoke for 4 hours at a time.

Features of smoking tube:

The design has the largest air permeability to ensure continuous combustion;
Lightweight and portable, simple operation, easy to clean;
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, sturdy and durable, can be reused many times;
Food grade material, safe, hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless;
It is clean and hygienic, away from the traditional smoke, so that the food tastes more evenly;
It can be used in smoked oven or grill, various grills, can smoke a variety of foods

How to use the smoking tube:、

Step 1: Fill the smoked mesh tube with your favorite charcoal pellets.
Step 2: Use propane torch or butane lighter to ignite the filled particles.
Step 3: Let it stand and burn for about 10 minutes, then extinguish the flame.
Step 4: Start smoking meat, cheese or vegetables for up to 5 hours, enjoy it!

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