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Expanded Metal
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Aluminum Metal Mesh

Material: Aluminium
Feature: Easy installation
Application: Protection, support, decoration


Aluminum Expanded Metal is a sheet product that has been slit and stretched to a wide array of diamond shaped openings. Expanded Metal offers savings in weight and metal, free passage of light, liquid, sound and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effec.

Material:  Aluminum, 1100,1060, 3003, 5005,5052

Thickness: 0.5-6.0 mm

Hole shape: Diamond, hexagon, fancy, tortoise shell, etc.

Mesh size: 1220*2440 mm, 1200*2400 mm, 1000*2000 mm or customized

Surface treatment: 

1.Powder coated
2.Fluorocarbon spraying(PVDF)
3.Anodic oxidation


1.can be formed easily
2.can be paint or Anodic oxidation
3.easy installation
4.attractive appearance
5.largest selection of hole size patterns and configurations

1.Architectural: stairs, ceilings, walls, floors, shades, decorative, sound absorption
2.Industrial equipment: conveyors, dryers, heat dispersion, guards, diffusers
3.Security: screens, walls, doors, ceilings, guards